Lighthouse Lemonade 2017 Highlights

Last year was a busy one for us at Lighthouse Lemonade, so we wanted to take a quick look at the top achievements of 2017! Here are our highlights. 

Lighthouse lemonade 2017 highlights - lemonade stand

  1. Lighthouse Lemonade is now available at Sobeys locations across Ontario!


  1. If you didn’t see us in stores, we hope you spotted us in the media! Lighthouse Lemonade was everywhere, from a TV spot on The Marilyn Dennis Show to a feature in The Ottawa Citizen newspaper. It was even given a full page in Food in Canada magazine (skip to page 42).


  1. We reduced our carbon footprint! Our new solar-powered renewable energy production facility is in full swing in Fergus, ON. We also continued to compost thousands of lemon peels and recycle our production waste. But don’t worry, our lemonade is still made from scratch by our “lemoners.”


  1. Keeping sustainability in mind, Jill Fisher, our founder and CEO, was interviewed about making lemonade with environmental and community values in mind for the Provision Coalition podcast.


  1. Jill was also selected as a winner of the 50 Over 50 Award, recognizing Seniors in Business with Wisdom, Skills, Initiative, and Experience (WISE).


  1. We were thrilled to continue supporting our local community, including the 2017 Scotiabank Tour de Guelph, which raised over $100,000 for the Guelph General Hospital. We also teamed up to sponsor our global community through WWF Canada and the Lonely Whale Foundation, in support of Strawless September (#StopSucking) to reduce plastic waste in our oceans.


  1. Lighthouse Lemonade’s new Lime-Lemon flavour was also a finalist in the SIAL Innovation Awards, a unique international contest that rewards the best innovations in the industry, with 2017 having a particular focus on health, enjoyment and convenience.


  1. Tons of new recipes were added to our blog, from refreshing whiskey sours and lime-cabbage slaw to fall favourites like lemon mint turkey and pumpkin spice lemonade. More recently, we’ve warmed up this crazy Canadian winter with pumpkin lemonade scones and baked honey-lemon salmon.


  1. We celebrated the holidays with our merry #SpottheBottle contest, where fans guessed our lemonade’s secret location on social for a chance to win their own bottle. We loved giving back, whether they were new faces or friends who supported us all year.


If you missed any of this, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ve got lots planned for 2018 already – from Art in the Park in Windsor and the Beaches Arts & Craft Show in Toronto to all the creative ways to use our lemonade, and there’s lots more to come!  


#WhenLifeGivesYouLemons, make Lighthouse Lemonade!