Grandma and Grandpa’s Hot Lemon Cure-Alls

As colder weather challenges our fall jackets and flu season begins in full swing, we’re swapping our cocktails for cure-alls. When you’ve got a cold or a stuffy nose, Lighthouse Lemonade can help! 

Hot Toddy Cure-All Grandma Grandpa

The citric acid in lemons can soothe inflammation and help a dry, sore throat. So curl up on the couch and mix yourself a magic cure-all to feel better this winter season!

For Grandma’s Cure-All, mix 1 tbsp Lighthouse Lemonade cordial into a mug of very hot or boiling water and stir in a ½ tsp of cinnamon. For an easier time falling asleep, try Grandpa’s version: add 1 ½ oz of whiskey. This one is also known as a hot toddy, a drink that first became popular in 18th century Scotland. Not too far from our own Maritime history!

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