Changing the Lemonade Game

lighthouse lemonade lime lemon

Lemonade is everyone’s favourite drink – or it should be. That’s why we strive to make our beverage the best! At Lighthouse Lemonade, we work hard to make our cordials the best they can be by producing everything from scratch with fresh, natural ingredients. The whole process is done in-house at our Ontario-based solar powered production facility, with everything from zesting the lemons to labelling and stamping the bottles completed by hand. There are a lot of things that set us apart from other companies, like our commitment to natural ingredients, the environment and our community, as well as our long history in Canada. One more thing that makes us different from all the others? Well, we’re about to change the lemonade game!

Who said lemonade HAD to be lemon flavoured? Try mixing it up with our new Lime-Lemon cordial – the Lighthouse Lemonade that you know and love, with an added punch of natural zest and fresh lime. Your cocktails will never be the same and your sauces and vinaigrettes just got a whole lot zestier!

Our Lime-Lemon cordial is a versatile addition to your kitchen and a healthy alternative to most other beverages. The cordial adds a “je ne sais quoi” to any classic cocktail or mocktail by giving it a tangy hint of lime. A classic favourite is a standard lime-lemon gin and tonic, which comes in close combat with our latest recipe The Lime Fizz. You can improve your desserts by adding some of our cordial to your favourite lime dishes. Refresh a traditional dessert like key lime pie by turning it into a delicious dip. Just swap out lime juice for lime-lemon cordial in this healthy Key Lime Pie Dip recipe to wow your friends and satisfy their cravings. Try simply adding a splash of Lime-Lemon cordial to soda water, or get creative by substituting lemon juice for Lighthouse Lemonade Lime-Lemon cordial the next time you make lemon chicken. The recipe is sure to go over well at any summer barbeque.

Customers aren’t the only ones loving our Lime-Lemon flavour. It was recognized by industry experts as one to watch (or to taste!) in 2017, since it was short-listed as a finalist in this year’s SIAL Innovation Awards. This competition is between International exhibitors at their events, and showcases diversity, quality, and innovation in the food industry.

Thank you for supporting Lighthouse Lemonade and allowing us to innovate and change your game. We hope our new Lime-Lemon cordial is all that you dreamed it would be. To find out where to get our new flavour, and our beloved original, check out our Where to Find us page. Trying out a new recipe? Share it with us and tell us how you’re changing the lemonade game; you could be featured on our website – plus you might even get a free bottle of Lighthouse Lemonade as a thank you gift!