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Spring Bake Recipe Ideas

It’s March break, you’re trying to keep the kids entertained for a whole week and the weather is not quite co-operating. Sound familiar? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with these fun, easy Spring baking recipes!

Lighthouse Lemonade vegan cheesecake

Lavender Lemonade Vegan Cheesecake

Spring is almost here and that’s worth celebrating! To kick off a season of refreshing recipes, we bring you a miracle: guilt-free cheesecake. The secret ingredient? Cashews! These protein-rich nuts can be soaked in warm water and blended to make a healthy cream cheese substitute. This dessert is perfect for sharing since it’s free of […]

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10 Ways to Use Lighthouse Lemonade

We all love a glass of lemonade to cool down on a hot day… except that it’s currently the middle of a Canadian winter. Why not reminisce about those sunny days by using “summer in a bottle” to make something else? Here are 10 ways you can enjoy Lighthouse Lemonade cordial while you wait for […]

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Baked Honey-Lemon Salmon

The holidays are all about quality time spent with family, fun, and of course, food. With all the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce we’ll be chowing down on soon enough, it’s nice to mix a lighter dish into the menu.