Spring Bake Recipe Ideas

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Lavender Lemonade Vegan Cheesecake

Lighthouse Lemonade vegan cheesecake

Spring is almost here and that’s worth celebrating! To kick off a season of refreshing recipes, we bring you a miracle: guilt-free cheesecake. The secret ingredient? Cashews! These protein-rich nuts can be soaked in warm water and blended to make a healthy cream cheese substitute. This dessert is perfect for sharing since it’s free of dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, and soy. But it’s so delicious, we wouldn’t blame you if you saved every last bite for yourself. (more…)

Win a Free Case of Lighthouse Lemonade!

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Update 02/02/18: This contest is now closed. The winner has been chosen by random name generator and notified. Thank you for your participation!

Want to #WIN a free case of Lighthouse Lemonade cordial? (That’s over 100 bottles of mixed lemonade!) To celebrate the start of the new year, we’re giving away a FULL CASE in 2018. Here’s how to enter: (more…)

10 Ways to Use Lighthouse Lemonade

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We all love a glass of lemonade to cool down on a hot day… except that it’s currently the middle of a Canadian winter. Why not reminisce about those sunny days by using “summer in a bottle” to make something else? Here are 10 ways you can enjoy Lighthouse Lemonade cordial while you wait for warmer weather. (more…)