10 Ways to Use Lighthouse Lemonade

We all love a glass of lemonade to cool down on a hot day… except that it’s currently the middle of a Canadian winter. Why not reminisce about those sunny days by using “summer in a bottle” to make something else? Here are 10 ways you can enjoy Lighthouse Lemonade cordial while you wait for warmer weather.Lemons Lighthouse lemonade


lighthouse lemonade 1FRESH OUT OF THE OVEN

Grandma’s house always seemed to have an endless supply of tea biscuits, but occasionally it also had lemon meringue pie. Substitute lemon juice for Lighthouse Lemonade cordial in your grandmother’s recipe for a richer flavour (Grandma will thank you).

lighthouse lemonade 2FAM FAVOURITES

It might not come to mind right away, but lemons pair beautifully with many meat dishes. Mix Lighthouse Lemonade cordial with picky-eater approved ingredients like honey and minced garlic and glaze over salmon or chicken breasts, then bake as usual for a quick and delicious dinner.


It’s pretty much a miracle if you make it through the cold season without getting sick at least once. When the inevitable runny nose begins, soothe your sore throat: stir equal parts Lighthouse Lemonade cordial and honey into a mug of hot water or herbal tea.

lighthouse lemonade 4WINTER SKIN SAVIOUR

Top worst moments of winter: forgetting your chapstick when the windchill is fierce. Luckily, it’s easy to whip up a lip scrub with just Lighthouse Lemonade cordial, a bit of olive oil, and sugar. Scrub it on dry lips to reveal smooth skin… and since it’s all edible, you could even lick it off!

lighthouse lemonade 5BRIBE THE LITTLE ONES

Ever noticed how the kids want ice cream even when it’s snowing outside? We don’t understand it either, but we’re more than happy to comply with a healthier alternative: lemonade popsicles. Mix Lighthouse Lemonade cordial into water as usual, then dust off your summer popsicle molds and freeze until solid.

lighthouse lemonade 6AFTER DARK

When the kids are finally in bed, it’s time to bring the cordial back out for a well-deserved winter cocktail. Pick any poison from Moscow mules to hot toddies, because Lighthouse Lemonade is delicious mixed with alcohol in just about everything. Our latest fave is the caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink: mix our lemon-lime cordial with Cachaça (it’s also good when warmed up, thank goodness).

lighthouse lemonade 7IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS

If the in-laws and neighbours are still lingering after the holidays, you’re likely running out of failsafe recipes. We’ve got you covered with our simple yet impressive lemonade ice cubes. Mix Lighthouse Lemonade cordial into water as directed, then pour into your normal ice cube trays and freeze. Pop them out when offering a glass of water, something stronger, or even when the tea is too hot for that one fussy great-aunt.

lighthouse lemonade 8SCHOOL SNACKS

Home-baked goods don’t have to be for a special occasion when the recipe is fast and the outcome is healthier than most of the options in the snack aisle. There are tons of choices: lemon squares, lemon cookies, even lemon protein bars! Just sub in Lighthouse Lemonade cordial for lemon ingredients and refined sugars, and these sweet treats become perfect for sending to school since they’re all nut-free.

lighthouse lemonade 9BE A QUEEN

Though cleanses aren’t for everyone, we can’t kick off the new year without talking about them. Follow the Beyoncé-recommended “lemonade diet” by drinking a mix of Lighthouse Lemonade cordial with water and cayenne pepper several times a day. The pros say to fast like this (with no other food) for ten days… but we think if you drink it for a day after a particularly greasy meal, you should be good to go.

lighthouse lemonade 10A GOOD OLD-FASHIONED GLASS

Let’s be honest; sometimes, you just crave the classics. You can’t go wrong mixing a glass of water with Lighthouse Lemonade cordial. You’ll feel cozy with fuzzy socks, a soft blanket, and an eBook you’ve been desperately trying to finish, watching the snow fall outside (while you’re warm, inside!).


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